Zero day book review

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zero day book review

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I liked the way johnston weaves in educational material around viruses, worms and other internet security threats throughout the book. He also discusses ways that you can protect yourself from hacking through things like encryption. Johnston does this in a way that is very reachable, so even if you dont have a software background, the technical details will be easy to understand. I would go as far as recommending the book if youre interested in learning more about the types of security threats on the internet, how they are deployed, and ways you can protect yourself from them. While i found the security pieces well done, the story was a little disjointed. There were a couple of story arcs that were introduced but not developed, relationships between characters were introduced but not pursued or developed, the ending felt a bit rushed, and there were a couple of plot twists that were foreshadowed but not revealed. . It felt a little like a first novel, which it is for Johnston.

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Anyway, one of the books that appeared in the list and looked interesting was. Counting from Zero by, alan. Johnston is an internet security specialist who has traveled the world speaking at events and conferences about the topic. Hes even spoken to governments about it as well. I figured that the book would be a good balance of fiction interspersed with nonfiction material covering the topic of internet security and online threats. The book is centered around an internet security consultant named Mick omalley. Through the course of events in the book, mick stumbles onto a growing security threat that is spreading around the internet. Variants of the virus code have start business appearing on various servers, even infecting his own personal, supposedly secure servers. Mick gets called in on a consulting assignment and discovers that the virus is bigger than he imagined and that hackers are assembling a massive botnet to unleash the ultimate zero day attack. Mick enlists the help of various friends and ends up on quite an adventure trying to track down the owner and origin of the code in an attempt to stop. Going further would spoil the story, so Ill leave it up to you to read the book to find out what happens.

While zero day moved a little slower at the beginning, the story felt more believable than the surreal catastrophic picture that Cyberstorm painted. It also got into more of the details and essay explained the science behind computer viruses, which i enjoyed. I wouldnt put Zero day in my must read category, nor would I recommend putting it at the top of your reading list. However, if youre interested in being entertained while learning about the risks and effects that a large scale computer virus attack could have our infrastructure, then Zero day is one of the best books out there. Lets just say that it was good enough that ive put the second book in the series, Trojan Horse, on my reading list for next year. Another sub-genre of science fiction that keeps coming up in my recommendations is internet security, cyber-threat, and zero day attack novels. Im sure its linked to my reading. Cyberstorm and, zero day.

zero day book review

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What ensues is an action packed trek across the globe to identify the source of the virus and stop those english behind it before they unleash destruction on the infrastructure of both the United States and the world at large. Its a page turner that is full of action and suspense that I found hard to put down. Unfortunately, the chase to stop the virus only takes up the last third of the book. The first two-thirds of the novel is slow developing and was difficult for me to power through. Sure, some of it helped to build up to the ending, but there were a couple of gratuitous violence and sex scenes that felt unnecessary and loosely connected to the story. It was like scenes you see in a movie that are purely inserted for visual entertainment but serve no real purpose in moving the story forward. That being said, i found Zero day to be much better than CyberStorm.

The genie is out of the bottle and now we wait and see if its an Ifrit.more. After being a bit disappointed with. Cyberstorm by matthew Mather, i decided to read, zero day by, mark russinovich. Zero day is similar to cyberstorm in that both books are stories about computer viruses gone wild that wreak havoc and destruction on the computer infrastructure of the United States. Zero day starts out by describing a series of apparently unrelated computer glitches. One of these glitches threatens to bring down a major New York city law firm, so their it department calls upon Jeff aiken to identify and fix the problem. Aiken has a history in it security, as well as a history working within the it groups of various government intelligence agencies. Aiken ends up calling in a couple of favors from one of his former government colleagues, daryl haugen, an attractive government it security specialist who is investigating the source of these unrelated computer glitches. Through their work together, they discover that the glitches are related.

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zero day book review

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For example, the delhi recent attack on Sony has been blamed on North Korea. Although North Korea was happy to take credit for the attack, security experts doubt it and came from North Korea and the fbi evidence is far from convincing. I will admit that I never heard of Stuxnet before listening to this book. Perhaps that is part of my surprise and interest in the book. I guess too, i really should not be surprised that governments, my own included, are involved in, buying zero-day exploits. I also think i would be happier if more was done in closing security holes rather than using them as weapons.

Here firewalls and virus protection do not work because they search for known issues and behaviors, not new ones. As we become more dependent on computers for just about every aspect of our lives, the more they become a target from not only hostile nations, but hostile groups. A terrorist group may not have the technology or materials to build a nuclear weapon, but building a digital weapon is another matter and can be equally as destructive. A digital weapon can be completely anonymous or blame can easily and convincingly pointed elsewhere. The true story told in the book is great. The information provided is enlightening and shows what governments are doing. If it wasnt for a couple of guys with suspicion, Stuxnet probably could have run undetected a great deal longer.

They got a copy of the file causing the problems and began investigating. The virus, however, had limited circulation and fell from the interest of the computer security world. The small group at Symantec continued to work and on the virus thinking it was something more than it appeared and as it turned out, it was huge. Here was a virus more complex than expected and it had a very narrow mission. It worked quietly and slowly inflicting its damage on the Iranian nuclear program while limiting nearly all collateral damage. This is a cyber attack that seemed to walk out of an x-files episode.

While investigating the virus no one interfered with the group. When approaching us government agencies, they all seemed interested but denied knowledge in a convincing way. This appeared to be the first digital attack directed at a nation and it came with a great deal of stealth and surprise. In fact, the target didn't even realize it was being attacked. Much of the United States infrastructure, like the power industry, is controlled by computers with an internet connection and probably a windows operating system which means it can be hacked, or corrupted with a usb flash drive. The attacks origin can hidden or made to appear to come from elsewhere.

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It sounds like a movie plot or a good science fiction book. But it is real, very real as it turns out. Computer hacking has matured from hackers turning on sprinklers inside schools after falling for the thesis did you see the swimming pool on the roof? Hacking has moved from pranks, metamorphosis to stealing identities and funds, to now destroying the infrastructures of nations. Once again, it is America that launched a weapon capable of mass destruction firs Another audiobook from my walks. Once again, it is America that launched a weapon capable of mass destruction first with Stuxnet. The story starts with a small group at Symantec who run across an inquiry about a laptop that kept shutting down and rebooting in an endless cycle.

zero day book review

These threats don't really amount to anything though. There isn't much of a death count and for the most part the spiders are just in the background, promising menace that doesn't ppt go anywhere. As such there isn't any build up of suspense and little to really thrill. The ending, when we get there, happens too fast and too easy. The threat of a fractured government also doesn't really amount to much, just a bit of sabre rattling and some small double-crossing but nothing major. I can't help feeling disappointed with. Zero day, the previous two books build up a lot of promise that this finale doesn't really deliver. A weak ending to an otherwise impressive series. Another audiobook from my walks.

"cleansing" mass erradication using "tactical nukes" that will ineviatably take as many lives as it saves? Or do they trust in Professor guyer's plan to find and kill the queen, on the chance that the Professors research is accurate? It's probably worth mentioning that you really need to read the hatching and skitter before reading this finale of the series. There are some big events going on in those books which I will try and avoid mentioning but seriously, read them first. Zero day follows the same alternating thrid-person perspective however there a less of these perspective's to choose from. A few of these also don't really contribute to the story - although they do add some colour and describe how people may react in such an apocalyptic scenario. For much of the book, the focus is firmly placed on the President and the decisions she must make. Given this focus the pace is pretty fast and less distracted than the previous two books. The story is entertaining with an underlying threat of further spidergeddon and different sorts of threats from parts of the us government.

I kind of divide, zero day into two parts. . A good portion was spent on the political games, this was interesting and all, but to" Christopher Walken, i gotta have more spiders, baby! . Once the spiders hit the page, it was. . boone really knows how to make one of the creepiest creatures on earth even more repugnant. Zero day was a great closing to, the hatching Series. . Im curious what creepy-crawly he will english terrify me with next. Zero day features a return to those creeping, swarming and skittling spiders that were introduced. The hatching and, skitter.

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Ive been going through a bit of a funk with books in a series, or the never-ending series; ive grown to fully appreciate the trilogy, there is something to look forward to, restaurant the suspense of a great cliffhanger, but there is a light at the. As I was reading. Zero day, i thought that this series would have been an epic book to read straight through, all one thousand-ish pages. One thing that I loved with. Zero day was the switch from one group of characters to another. . Since i picked. The hatching in 2016, these characters have become part of my life. . boone brought all of them into play in the closing installment in the series, although some had a much more passive role than others.

Zero day book review
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Counting from Zero was one such book that appeared. Read Zero day by jan Gangsei with rakuten Kobo.

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  1. Countdown to zero day has 3,115 ratings and 381 reviews. Christopher said: Pretty good for the first 2/3 of the book. Cyber attack and zero day novels appear with regularity in my recommendation list.

  2. Zero, day by jan Gangsei narrator: Andi Arndt Published by disney-hyperion on January 12th 2016 Genres: young Adult, suspense pages: 368. Submitting a book for review About the book everyday thriller, zero day will scare you in more ways than youd believe possible, if for. February 26, 2015 / Mary baker / Comments Off on book review : countdown to zero day. Zero day : zero day is a fascinating and highly relevant thriller with invigorating elements of realism.

  3. Book, lovers, reviews reading, zero, day, i thought that this series would have been. Read, day, zero by marc Cameron with rakuten Kobo. brad Thor Hell Up Above special agent Jericho quinn is a wanted man. Zero, day is the first book in the john Puller series by david Baldacci.

  4. Home » Science fiction » ezekiel boone ». Zero, day, prev, book, next, book. Zero, day was a great closing to The hatching Series.

  5. And effects that a large scale computer virus attack could have our infrastructure, then. Zero, day is one of the best books out there. In, zero, day, the final book in ezekiel boone's The hatching trilogy, america is at war. With an ancient species of killer spiders.

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