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How many pages does the novel have? Is the text easy to read? Is the story logically clear? What genre does this novel belong to? What distinctive characteristics does it have? What are strengths and weaknesses of the text? Is the novel current nowadays?

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Questions to Ask before Writing a novel review. One of the toughest parts of writing the review is to come up with the idea and get words from your head statement into writing. Obviously, there is no singular piece of advice on how to write a book review of a novel. In order to help you, we have created a list of questions that you can start answering after reading the novel to turn your creativity. Who will be your audience? A novel review in college and a review for a journal can have different styles and organization. What mood do you want to create with your text? Do you like the book cover? What do you think of the novels title? Does the title have a special meaning?

These fresh thoughts will be a great basis for your future review. When you will do all the activities from the list above, you can proceed to creating a plan water for the future novel review. You can create your own plan or use the following structure:. Basic description: introduce the novels title, the authors name, the date of publication, publishing house, etc. What the novel is about: in several sentences describe the plot of the novel. Your own impressions: briefly state your opinion about the novel. This part will be the most complex and should contain the analysis of the title, the quality of the story, structure, etc. Also you need to discuss strong and weak points of the novel. Make the final evaluation and sum up your thoughts about the relevance of the novel and give recommendations to readers.

the help novel review

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You can highlight the most interesting moments, write down questions that can arise while reading, or list the names of characters that appear in the novel. Write down the most important"s plan that you can add to your review. Dont forget to mark the book page where you found. You can use colorful bookmarks to easily navigate among the"s. As you finish, put the text aside. Leave yourself time to reflect on the novel and come up with your point of view. Briefly write your impression of the novel.

But before you will be ready to start reading the novel, make sure that you have attentively read the assignment. It can happen that you will need to consider several questions or read certain chapters more attentively. Pay attention to the following tips to make your reading more effective: read the novel paying attention to every passage or idea. The better option is to read the novel several times: the first reading should be from the position of an ordinary reader and the second time as a critic. If the novel is too voluminous or you dont have much time, one profound reading will be enough. Pay attention to the introduction (words from the author or editor). Here you can find essential information about the author, history of creation, or summary. Take a pencil and make notes in your notebook or piece of paper as you read.

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the help novel review

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By analyzing a novel, the reviewer can influence the readers attitude towards the text. Thats why loyalty, tactfulness, and modesty in judgments should be the most important tools for the reviewer. The purpose of a novel review. The purpose of a novel review is to introduce a new (or classical) novel to a potential audience. The main aim of a review is to briefly describe the contents and give an opinion about the novel.

The author of the review should help the readers make a decision as to whether it is worth reading or not. A review can be submitted as an academic paper in college or university, and can be published online or in printed sources. Writing a novel review will help you develop critical thinking and writing skills. If you are going to write your first review, lets see tongue how to write a novel review. Tips to consider While reading the novel. Without reading the novel you wont be able to write a good review. The reviewer should carefully and fully read the text to make a founded opinion.

I also appreciated that Stockett took the effort to give a little bit of background at the end of the novel about where the book came from and how she struggled with representing the voices of black maids in the 60s. It confirmed for me that. The help was a truly heartfelt novel. Stockett uses lots of historical and cultural references to give context to the situation. For me these gave a real sense of how the town of Jackson was so unmoving in an era of change. This became particulary acute when the backward views of the inhabitants of the town are put into the context of a country that was about to put a man on the moon!

The help, is an absolutely wonderful story of friendship and bravery which tackles the subject of racism from a totally new perspective. The heavy and light-hearted moments are perfectly balanced and Stockett conveys tragedy with subtlety. This book made me want to sit around the kitchen table with Aibileen, minny and skeeter, while reminding me how glad i am to be living in an era where racial attidutes have changed so much. Im certain that this will be one of my favourite books of 2010. My rating: 9 out of 10, savidge reads has also reviewed, the help here, and you can read an interview with the author over at The book whisperers blog. What books have you read lately that really moved you? Novel review Definition, a novel review is a detailed critical evaluation of a literary work that is aimed to form a certain opinion for the intended audience. A review communicates thoughts and feelings caused by the particular object (work of art, book, performance, etc).

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The help, is set in the early 60s in Jackson, missisippi where black maids raise white children but arent trusted not to steal the silver. The story is told from three perspectives starting with the voice of warm-hearted Aibileen who is maid to the leefolt family and takes more care of their little girl than the mother, Elizabeth ever does. Then there is Minny, an excellent cook with a sharp tongue which gets her into trouble and adds a good deal of humour to the story. Finally eugenia skeeter Phelan, is a 22 year old aspiring writer advantages whose unlikely relationship with Aibleen and Minny begins after she gets a job at the local newspaper writing a weekly cleaning column. I loved reading, the help. While i didnt want to put it down, i also found myself taking my time with it because i simply didnt want it to end! I found myself smirking at Minnys bad behaviour, gaping open-mouthed at the hideous behavour of the maids employers, and I had to try very hard not to cry in some of the more moving moments. The charactarisation in the book is fantastic. Because of the first person narrative, i really felt that I got to know Aibleen, minny and skeeter and I was impressed with the authenticity of their voices.

the help novel review

At first, no one will chance. Then, aibeleen and her rebellious friend Minny (Octavia spencer, full of both rage and comic verve) gradually grow excited by the rare opportunity of truth-telling, after so many years of biting their tongues, and the project becomes a real and risky possibility (albeit one. Tate taylors script and direction is at its strongest while exploring the painful paradoxes and power-shifts between maid and employer: the physical intensity of the relationship between white children and the black help, who constantly cuddles and soothes them, while the adult white women immobilised. Striking, too, is the way homeworks that a maids apparent status as a long-standing family member can evaporate with a single dismissive word. Davis and Spencer command the most powerful scenes, their bodies sometimes trembling with the effort of restraining the statements which natural justice demands (and which come spilling out in an unforgettable show-down between Aibeleen and Hilly). Elsewhere, the characterisations of the white women feel a little too broad-brush: the excitable marilyn-esque bombshell (Jessica Chastain) who is marginalised by the snobbish society girls, the outstandingly loathsome hilly, the earnest skeeter. Revenge is doled out with a side helping of broad scatological comedy. The help picks its audience up and carries it forcefully along in its engrossing, sympathetic, moving wake: and then, like all the best nursemaids, it lulls us to sleep with a large spoonful of syrup. After reading The book whisperers glowing review of, the help by kathryn Stockett i knew that I had to get my hands on a copy and sure enough I was lucky enough to spot it on the new arrivals shelf at my local library.

If it contains much thats undoubtedly true about the relations between southern whites and their black domestic staff, then it also approaches that era with a firm desire to make good in fiction its injustices: a desire that extends to tweaking and smoothing the plot. That is not, however, to cast doubt on the power of its performances, or the compelling force of its narrative. It opens with the voice of a black maid called Aibeleen Clarke (played by viola davis, whose mesmerising gaze alone could carry a film who has over the years raised 17 white children in the households of her various employers. She has watched as the innocent adoration of the children for her slowly becomes infused with the poisonous politics of race, whereby shes gradually relegated from the warm human heart of their world to the chilly status of a coloured employee. The current batch of young white women, raised by black maids, seem thanks, perhaps, to the whiff of change in the air to be more zealously racist than even their mothers generation, particularly when they fall under the influence of Hilly holbrook (Bryce dallas Howard. Her political awareness extends to campaigning vigorously for compulsory separate lavatories for white families and their black employees. The exception to the rule is skeeter (Emma Stone a ringleted bluestocking whose ambitions lie in journalism and writing, and who decides to ask the maids to tell, anonymously, of their own stories and feelings: the results will be sent to a new York publisher.

Stone is sparkling as skeeter: she deftly defuses the roles potentially condescending overtones, proving that essay at 22, shes already a compelling and capable leading lady. Spencers eye-rolling, richly comic turn as Minny pays homage to the famous mammy roles of louise beavers and Hattie mcDaniel but still feels genuine. And davis, as Aibileen, gives the often-broad dialogue some serious emotional purchase: the last time she tells an unloved, chubby, white two-year-old in her care you is kind, you is smart, you is important, my bottom lip was wobbling even more than the toddlers. While The helps characters push against the era in which they live, elsewhere the film openly mythologises. The fashions, food and physiques of the early 1960s are lovingly framed by cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt, and he draws some mischievous links between the three: in one mouth-watering scene, his camera celebrates the glorious curves of both the towns white-trash-made-good social outcast Celia foote (Jessica. A handful of us critics have compared The help to The Blind Side; the self-satisfied, Oscar-winning Sandra bullock vehicle in which her moneyed Tennessee housewife took in and nurtured a disadvantaged black teen like he was a 300lb Tamagotchi. Mercifully, apart from a shared concern with race in America, the films have almost nothing in common unlike the bullock flick, this is a wonderfully-acted, old-fashioned womens picture, albeit one with plenty to offer viewers of both sexes (its also worth mentioning that the films. In short, The help not only has its cake and eats it, it makes short work of the fried chicken, grits and sweet potato pie, too. Thats a hard trick to pull off, but these girls with Mr taylors help, of course make it look deliciously easy.

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Hilly is a terrifically hissable villain, and Minny eventually bests her with a revenge plot thats almost Rabelaisian in its ickiness and far too much fun to give away here. But crucially, the help only holds its characters attitudes to account by 1960s standards (paying a black person a pittance to be write your servant is alright, so long as youre nice to them and therell surely be few viewers whose consciences will prick while watching. The film doesnt even berate skeeter for being a chain-smoker; like the acclaimed television drama series Mad Men, with which The help shares a period setting, it just replicates the behaviour of the age and lets viewers draw their own conclusions. As a result it feels simultaneously small-L liberal and small-C conservative. Is this films huge American box office success starting to make sense yet? This, incidentally, is fine and dandy with. Good films rarely feel like lectures, and the performances in The help are so strong and so moving that the lack of any right-on Hollywood finger-wagging to distract from them is a blessed relief.

The help novel review
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It confirmed for me that The help was a truly heartfelt novel. Based on a best-selling novel about black maids and a dangerous literary endeavor in Mississippi in the 1960s, The help stars Emma. Kathryn Stocketts best selling debut novel, the help, is narrated in the unforgettable voices of three women caught.

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  1. A novel review is a detailed critical evaluation of a literary work that is aimed to form a certain opinion for. The author of the review should help. An adaptation of Kathryn Stocketts novel set in Jackson, mississippi, in the sixties, The help is a big, old-fashioned tearjerker. After reading The book whisperers glowing review of The help by kathryn Stockett i knew.

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  4. The help novel critical review. Buy the help is set in pitch-perfect voices, mississippi. In jackson, and author kathryn stockett creates three women.

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