Shipping supervisor resume

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shipping supervisor resume

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Designer for, assassins (2014) and, evita (August 2009). Responsible for design, build, rental and alteration of all costumes, plus supervision of stitchers/wardrobe crew. South Pacific (August 2010). Wardrobe supervisor for, guys dolls (August 2015) and, spamalot (August 2016). Wardrobe supervisor, The reduced Shakespeare company. Responsible for all costume and prop concerns of touring company, including conducting very fast-paced costume and prop changes during run of show; laundry; repair and alterations; repacking of trunks; training assistants provided by venue; costume purchase and construction; creating wardrobe manuals for each production.

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Responsible for presentation alterations, repair, costume fittings, construction of additional garments and accessories as needed, show run, load out/strike for all shows. Responsible for all chorus essay fittings, staff supervision and administration in absence of costume director. Costume Assistant/Stitcher, Opera for the young, madison, wi: 2009 present. Responsible for costume construction and alterations for touring educational opera company. Costume Assistant/Lead Wardrobe, madison Ballet: 2008 present. Responsible for alterations, repair, laundry, dressing, staff/volunteer supervision and administration in absence of costume director. Overhire wardrobe, iatse local 251, madison WI: 2006-present. Non-union wardrobe overhire as requested by the local. Touring shows dressed: Motown: The musical (stitcher, 2016 beauty And The beast (2011 young Frankenstein (2011 The lion King (2010 Spamalot (2008 joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2006). Costume designer, four seasons Theatre, madison,.

Ma theatre/History, university of Illinois at Urbana. Ba theatre/History and reviews Criticism, University of Missouri at Columbia. Design/technical experience: touring Wardrobe supervisor, hubbard Street Dance Chicago: 2010-present. Responsible for costumes on all national and international touring shows for contemporary/modern dance company. Duties include alterations, repair, laundry, dressing, packing and assisting with transport of costume trunks, and crew training. Assistant Costume supervisor, madison Opera: 2009-present. Costume Assistant/Stitcher, madison Opera.

shipping supervisor resume

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Increasingly, supervisors need a broad base of office skills coupled with personal flexibility to adapt to changes in organizational structure and move among departments when necessary. For office and administrative supervisors and managers promoted from within, advancement opportunities may be limited without a postsecondary degree, depending on the company. The knowledge required writing to move into more business and financial related occupations may not necessarily be learned through working in an office or administrative occupation. In some managerial positions, office and administrative support supervisor positions are filled with people from outside the organization. These positions may serve as entry-level training for potential higher level managers. New college graduates may rotate through departments of an organization at this level to learn the work of the organization before moving on to a higher level position. Education: mfa theatre/Costume design, University of Illinois at Urbana.

In addition, supervisors must pay close attention to detail in order to identify and correct errors made by the staff they oversee. Most office and administrative support worker supervisors and managers are promoted from within the company. Several years of on-the-job experience are usually the best preparation to become a supervisor or manager. After acquiring some experience, the employee should have a thorough knowledge of other personnel and company operations. Administrative support workers with potential supervisory abilities may be given occasional supervisory assignments. To prepare for full-time supervisory duties, workers may attend in-house training or take courses in time management, project management, or interpersonal relations. When evaluating candidates, supervisors look for strong teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills, as well as determination, loyalty, poise, and confidence. They also look for more specific supervisory attributes, such as the ability to organize and coordinate work efficiently, to set priorities, and to motivate others.

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shipping supervisor resume

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Because supervisors and managers have access to information such as their departments performance records, they may compile and present these data for use in planning or designing new policies. Office and administrative support supervisors and managers also may have to resolve interpersonal conflicts among the staff. In organizations covered by union contracts, supervisors must know the provisions of labor-management agreements and run their departments accordingly. They also may meet with union representatives to discuss work problems or grievances. Office and administrative support supervisors and managers are employed in a wide variety of work settings, but most work in clean and well-lit offices that usually are comfortable. Most pearson office and administrative support supervisors and managers work a standard 40-hour week.

However, some organizations operate around the clock, so some supervisors may have to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Sometimes, supervisors rotate among the three 8-hour shifts yellow in a workday; in other cases, shifts are assigned on the basis of seniority. Training, Other qualifications, and Advancement, most firms fill office and administrative support supervisory and managerial positions by promoting office or administrative support workers from within their organizations. To become eligible for promotion to a supervisory position, administrative support workers must prove they are capable of handling additional responsibilities. Many employers require office and administrative support supervisors and managers to have postsecondary training—and in some cases, an associate or even a bachelors degree. Good working knowledge of the organizations computer system is also an advantage.

Alternatively, if a worker is performing inadequately, the supervisor discusses the problem with the employee to determine the cause and helps the worker to improve his or her performance. This might require sending the employee to a training course or arranging personal counseling. If the situation does not improve, the supervisor may recommend a transfer, demotion, or dismissal. Office and administrative support supervisors and managers usually interview and evaluate prospective employees. When new workers arrive on the job, supervisors greet them and provide orientation to acquaint them with their organization and its operating routines. Some supervisors may be actively involved in recruiting new workers—for example, by making presentations at high schools and business colleges.

They also may serve as the primary liaisons between their offices and the general public through direct contact and by preparing promotional information. Supervisors help train new employees in organization and office procedures. They may teach new employees how to use the telephone system and operate office equipment. Because most administrative support work is computerized, they also must teach new employees to use the organizations computer system. When new office equipment or updated computer software is introduced, supervisors train experienced employees to use it efficiently or, if this is not possible, arrange for their employees to receive special outside training. Office and administrative support supervisors and managers often act as liaisons between the administrative support staff and the professional, technical, and managerial staff. This may involve implementing new company policies or restructuring the workflow in their departments. They also must keep their superiors informed of their progress and any potential problems. Often, this communication takes the form of research projects and progress reports.

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To do these effectively, the supervisor must know the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the staff, as letter well as the results required and time allotted to each job. Supervisors must make allowances for unexpected staff absences and other disruptions by adjusting assignments or performing the work themselves if the situation requires. After allocating work assignments and issuing deadlines, office and administrative support table supervisors and managers oversee the work to ensure that it is proceeding on schedule and meeting established quality standards. This may involve reviewing each persons work on a computer—as in the case of accounting clerks—or listening to how a worker deals with customers—as in the case of customer services representatives. When supervising long-term projects, the supervisor may meet regularly with staff members to discuss their progress. Office and administrative support supervisors and managers also evaluate each workers performance. If a worker has done a good job, the supervisor indicates that in the employees personnel file and may recommend a promotion or other award.

shipping supervisor resume

Office and administrative support supervisors and managers coordinate this support. These workers are employed in virtually every sector of the economy, working in positions as varied as teller supervisor, customer services manager, or shipping and receiving supervisor. Although specific functions of office and administrative support supervisors and managers vary significantly, they share many common duties. For example, supervisors perform administrative tasks to ensure that their staffs can work efficiently. Equipment and machinery used in their departments must be in good working order. If the computer system goes down or a fax machine malfunctions, the supervisors must try to correct the problem or alert repair personnel. They also request new women equipment or supplies for their department when necessary. Planning work and supervising staff are key functions of this job.

seeker move toward a higher level role within the same company. What does this resume sample do that is different? Lets take a look. Heres a solid resume sample for a position as a driver. Using the functional resume format helps to highlight the job seekers skills, instead of focusing on her job titles and work history. Lets see what makes this resume strong. Occupational outlook for, business manager, source: Occupational Outlook handbook, view. Business Manager Resume sample, all organizations need timely and effective office and administrative support to operate efficiently.

The functional resume format is useful here in a number of ways. Lets take a look! See this sample resume. Here is a solid resume sample for a position as a warehouse worker and/or Driver. The job seeker uses the functional resume format to show the reader that he has the skills and experience needed for this type of job, even though his most relevant work experience was many years ago. Lets see how he does it! Here is a resume sample for a position in Shipping and Receiving. It uses the functional resume format in a way that is clear, easy to read, and to the point. This short will make it easy for an employer to see the job seekers skills and achievements, and to call her in for an interview!

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Here are resume samples written for warehouse and warehouse-related jobs. Some of the job seekers are making career changes, while others are looking for a step up in their warehouse occupations. All of these writing sample resumes use the functional resume format, because they have employment gaps and/or lots of short-term jobs. Youll see the clever use of unpaid work experience to fill employment gaps and smooth some choppy spans of job hopping. For each resume sample, weve written a short story about the job seeker and a few points worth noting about his or her resume. index of all resume samples. Feel free to browse through this collection of sample resumes for warehouse workers and managers to see what tips you can pick up for your own resume. This resume sample is for a position as an Inventory controller or Inventory control Supervisor.

Shipping supervisor resume
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refining Exchange, north Hollywood,. Shipping and Receiving Mgr. Assaying, refining and processing of precious metal products.

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  1. Best Ideas of warehouse supervisor resume sample for Distribution Clerk sample resume. with rental needs; pulling and shipping orders; costume repair and alterations; some cutting and construction; restocking; laundry. for all aspects of shipping /receiving, inventory management, juice/rot processes, and bin fleet management at the shift level.

  2. instruction, project management and teamwork. 10 years of marine safety and security experience as a marine inspector and supervisor. Electrical installation and maintenance for ore-handling plant at Port Hedland.

  3. Operations Supervisor Elizabethtown, ky area job description: we are looking to add to our team an Operations Supervisor who will. as architectural supervisor in companies resident team and discipline leader for basic and detail engineering of various offshore. Contributed to development of new processes that reduced shipping time by two days and resulted in improved customer satisfaction. control Assisted with logistics and shipping of salvaged goods Trained in attendance, performance, effective communication, and safety.

  4. of the economy, working in positions as varied as teller supervisor, customer services manager, or shipping and receiving supervisor. Full-Time site supervisor shipping and logistics jobs Upload resumé (pdf, doc, docx, zip, txt, rtf). This resume sample is for a position as an Inventory controller or Inventory control. Discover one of the best entrance workplace supervisor resume samples that will help you enhance your personal resume.

  5. Personnel, vendors, and customers to coordinate production and shipping activities and to resolve complaints and eliminate delays. Inventory resume production supervisor shipping clerk resumess memberpro co picture. can look forward to the career enhancement to warehouse supervisor, shipping receiving supervisor or even warehouse manager positions. internet promotions, demographic surveys and research anaylsis, import /export sales, and International shipping and direct sales.

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