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So it actually took a fair amount of skill to plow into those buildings? J - i would say that it took about 200 or 300 hours for each pilot - and we're talking about. A - 200 or 300 hours? But you mean of simulator time? J - of simulator time! They had to learn how to step into the cockpit - and that's a whole thing - getting into the airplane, but that's separate from that - they had to get into the cockpit and pull the circuit breaker for the transponder - sit. Now that - you know and the air races only fly 400 miles an hour and that's difficult - but to fly an airliner like the size of a 757 at 700 feet - i mean that took some skill and that took a long. A - that's wild (unintelligible) j - in addition to that - hitting the Trade center was a feat - but hitting the pentagon was even more of a feat because when you are going that fast there is a tremendous amount of air creating.

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(Art books laughs again) j - but whoever concocted 9/11, and it certainly wasn't Osama bin Ladin, they had two objectives - one was to volunteer polarize american's opinion against Arab-Muslims and number two was to get the United States - trick the. essentially to get Osama out of Afghanistan because Osama - as bad as he was - he was shutting down all the heroin poppy fields and was causing a disastrous monetary loss to the illegal drug industry - and last year, which was. A - laughs - they actually did. I remember that report! Um - so you are sort of charging that we went in there after Osama - after Osama to rescue the drug trade? Well - that wasn't what 'we' thought - we were sort of tricked into doing that. We were tricked into thinking that Osama was responsible for 9/11, but to get a proper perspective on who 'did' the world Trade center - uh - you have to understand what a magnificent feat of airmanship this was. It was 'disastrous' and was horrible for this country, but this was not accomplished by some guys who went to Florida and got some instructions on a cessna or a piper and this was not accomplished by somebody who had a right seat. A - what about simulators? J - this had to be accomplished by pilots who got instruction - were taken to 'honest-to-god' boeing 757 simulators which is - you know - the 757 and 767 the same cockpit essentially and you get the same rating and whoever concocted this whole.

It was with Lockheed, and they went for my clearance and they were told by the airforce that now - under no circumstances would John lear ever get another clearance. Now - i had a clearance up at the test site for some work i did with Dyn-electron - it was just monitoring below ground tests from the air with different airplane, but - uh - that clearance is still there, - not active. A - um - all right! You know - before we launch into the whole spectrum of things we have to talk about John, uh - when you and I were on travel the phone the other day, you began to tell me about 9/11 and I'd really would like to talk. Uh - you have a perspective on the 9/11 thing that people should at least hear. I mean - everybody can make up their own minds about it, but you're a commercial pilot and there are certain things you know. So how about it? This is a sensitive subject, and I told you that I was hesitant to talk about. A - that's why i'm bringing it up first!

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J - thank you art, you mean I could have said, "No!"? A - laughs heartily - yeah! You could have said, no! I'm - i'm serious - why after 10 years of not a peep, why now? J essay - well you know, the government in charge of this coverup, - uh - works so well at making your life miserable when you go around talking about this stuff, that I quit and my life - the quality of my life improved about 200. But now, the coverup is so well in place, that they certainly would not be threatened by me going on the radio just once and saying what i know. Well, you lost jobs because essays of this, right? J - yeah - i lost two. I lost one with an airline and one with a government program that I really wanted.

He also believes that the government never, ever intends to released any ufo information and if forced to say anything, will obscure, tangle and weave a deceptive lie. Asked outright if the public has a right to know these facts, john says, "No! "Because!" was his admittedly evasive answer. Then why, after 10 years of silence, is John lear talking once again, after almost 60 years, the majority. Population don't believe that Roswell happened. "I certainly do not represent a threat to this kind of security he responds. Xxxx Start of Interview between Art Bell and John lear: a art Bell j john lear a - other than the fact that we got in touch once again John, i really am curious. After 10 years, why break your silence now?

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This orientation is to facilitate comparison with features in the Station 6 high resolution images below. See also the labeled version of this frame. The distance from Station 6 above part henry to the lm.5 km; to bear mountain, about 8 km; and to the outcrop noted in 21498 below, about. Scans by ron Wells. Apollo 17 Pan Camera frame as17-2309 Details. The frame was taken on December 11, 1972 at 23:47:38.1 gmt during csm rev 15 from an altitude of 113.07. In terms of the mission time, the photo was taken at 116:54:38 - just seven minutes before gene and Jack started their watches for the first eva.

John Pfannerstill has scanned three portions of the frame. In the central area around the lm, the largest crater is Camelot at the upper left. A labeled version highlights the lm personal and Poppie. In the area north of the lm, covering the eva-3 traverse, henry is the large crater at the foot of the north Massif just above and to the right of the center of the image. In the area west of the lm, covering the eva-2 traverse, nansen is at the lower left, camelot is at the right edge above center, and Shorty is the sharp-rimmed, dark-edged crater at top center, about a camelot diameter below the top edge of the. Composite version, art Bell continues John lears biography: John lear suspects that Venus does not have the sulfuric acid atmosphere with an 800 degree temperature that we've all been led to believe and instead is a planet very similar to ours, but with a similar. John lear believes that the government has very good reasons for their continued coverup but refuses to discuss them.

Film Type: 70mm Date taken: 12/12/72. Title: view of lunarscape at Station 4 with Astronaut Schmitt working at lrv. Description: a view of the lunarscape at Station 4 (Shorty Crater) showing. Schmitt working at the lunar roving vehicle (LRV) during the second, apollo 17 extravehicular activity (eva-2) at the, taurus-Littrow landing site. (Lunar landing site:.2 n,.8 E ). This is the area where Schmitt first spotted the orange soil.

Orange soil is clearly visible on either side of the rover in this picture. Shorty Crater is to the right. The peak in the center background is Family mountain. A portion of south Massif is on the horizon at the left edge. (Apollo 17 samples nOTE: The valley of taurus-Littrow, the image linked here is a portion of Pan Camera frame as17-2309 showing the south Massif at the upper right and the Sculptured Hills at the lower left. The north Massif is at the bottom right and Henry Crater is the rightmost of the three large craters in a triangular pattern at the foot of the mountain.

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Government report Grudge 13, which documented the history vegetarianism of the. Ufo coverup and details of saucer recoveries, disposition of their occupants, and handling (That's handling) of civilian witnesses. The report included clear photographs of these recovered extraterrestrial craft and beings - (That's beings) found inside. It further detailed how recoveries were made worldwide and specially designed transports to accommodate the craft. John spent time poking around other ufo related areas to include dulce, secora, aztec, Alamagorda, albuquerque, los Alamos and Bentwaters airbase near London. Since that time, john has xmas learned many incredible and interesting facts about the solar system and planets including the existence of huge structures, arches, bridges and domes on the moon, cities on Mars, huge extraterrestrial ships mining the rings of Saturn, the incredible but secret. Nasa photo id: as file name:.

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back-engineering of the propulsion system of the extraterrestrial ufos at area s-4. That's just outside the infamous and ultrasecret Area. In March 1989, lazar took john to an area close to rachel nevada where he witnessed the flight of a flying saucer at the exact time lazar told him it would occur. Two weeks later on another ufo spying mission, john, lazar and 3 others were caught by security forces - (that's caught folks) - and the next day, - the very next day - lazar lost his job at the government program for that breach. Lazar has been branded by many as a fraud, a charge to which John responds, " Those who say that lazar was a fraud simply don't know the facts of this incredible 12 month period.  I was there - they weren't.". During the late 1980's, john tracked down and found the Army Intelligence Analyst who read, probably by accident, the.

He was a senior Vice commander of the China post 1, the American Legion Post for Soldiers of Fortune. he is a 20 year member of the special operations Association. John is the current owner and operator of the only permitted gold mine operation Cutthroat Mining Corporation in Clarke county, nevada. His efforts to clean up the Treasure hawk gold Butte mine won him the state of nevada award for excellence in mining reclamation in 1999. John is a msha (Mine, safety, and health Administration) and holds a blaster license from the nevada certified mining instructor from the nevada State resume fire marshall. John's passion for the preservation and documentation of the history of the gold Butte has made him a authority on the area. John has been a resident of Las Vegas since 1994 and was a republican State senate candidate in 1980.

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Startling revelations Concerning the subject of Aerial Phenomena and ufos. Art bell interview of john lear 11-2/3-03, introduction: John lear, retired airline captain, with over 19,000 hours of flight-time, has flown in over 100 different types of planes in 60 different counties around the world. Son of lear Jet inventor, bill lear, john is the only pilot to hold every faa airplane certificate, to include airplane transport rating, flight instructor, ground instructor, flight navigator, engineer, aircraft dispatcher, airframe powerplant mechanic, parachute rigger, and tower operator. He flew secret missions for the cia in Central and southeast Asia, eastern Europe, the middle east and Africa between 19He has flown as Captain and check pilot for over 10 different airlines. John held 17 world records including speed around the world in a lear Jet Model 24, set in 1966. He was presented with the patco award for outstanding airmanship in 1968, and the symons wave thesis memorial. He was the youngest American to climb the matterhorn in Switzerland in 1959 and in the 1970's owned and skippered the Americas Cup boat, the soliloquy, out of Marina del rey. In 1968, john raced a douglas B26 Invader in the unlimited class at the reno air races.

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  2. Please use the sidebar to navigate the portal help section. For additional help, reach out to the, help, desk. How to reach the. Art Bell continues John lears biography: John lear suspects that Venus does not have the sulfuric acid atmosphere with an 800 degree temperature that we ve all been led to believe and instead is a planet very similar to ours, but with a similar, but.

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