Argumentative essay about online games

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argumentative essay about online games

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With regular play, our problem-solving and adaptive abilities will be in much better shape to handle this complex world. We will write a custom essay sample on, persuasive speech benefits of Video game or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Essay, examples on, game rubric, the reason for this is that play teaches us how to manage or transform our negative emotions, and it is the foundation for sound mental, physical, and emotional health. Play can make work seem like pleasure, and aside from this, it is just plain fun. It creates laughter and freedom that can instantly reduce stress and add a feeling of relaxation to our daily living. For example playing The sims will make your relax and enjoy as being the character in the game.

Argumentative, essay : Video, games

Have you ever not believed your parent when they told you something? Persuasive speech - benefits of Video game introduction? Most of. Most of us also like video games. And most parents say theyre bad for you. But really video games can be just as good as bad if not better. Todays generation prefers to play video games or computer games, as a form of entertainment, which can improve the minds of those who play them. Amid all the cool and colorful graphics, the fantastic music, and the intriguing and exciting plots, which can attract for those played them. There are many benefits in playing video games but I homework would like to stress out the two most beneficial in playing video games which is reduce the stress and video games work as mind exercise. Does anyone know that games can reduces stress? As humans, we crave the need to play because it is instinctive and fundamental to human existence.

Then again it could have been something else, but no matter what videogame first began shaping our impressionable minds, one thing's for sure - violent videogames increases violent thinking, attitudes, and behaviors. Video games such as teken, Grand Theft Auto and Call of duty promote violent behavior. One of the primary concerns with violence in video games is that note gaming is not passive. In order to play and win, the player has to be the aggressor. Rather than watching violence, as he might do on television, he's committing the violent acts. Most researchers acknowledge that this kind of active participation affects a person's thought patterns, at least in the short term. (Violence and video games ) Allowing children to play games with shooting, robbing and killing is almost sending the message that its okay.

argumentative essay about online games

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Among those problems is obesity. Many activities that should be done outside, thanks to gaming have now been modified to a remote and sensor. In my umum own home i have seen how video games could show more content, this leads to a lowering of the child's metabolic rate, making weight gain more likely. Parents could easily prevent this by giving their children time limits when playing video games and encouraging them to go out and play with friends, or take them to the park. Along with obesity violent behavior has been deemed as another video game related problem. Violent video games have been linked to antisocial and aggressive behavior in children and adolescents. Maybe it all started with the Atari console titled Combat in which you were tasked with blowing up your closest friend (or whoever you invited over) with a tank, missiles, or jet.

While there are bad games that could be used as examples of how they are not, many games are incredible visually and have complex storylines. Videogames are a form of art. 1016 Words 5 Pages, when videos games were first available to consumers and brought into homes it was to serve the purpose of entertainment. Now since the evolution of gaming unfortunately a new purpose has been served. A survey conducted by the firm at game spot concluded that gamers in the United States spent over 13 hours playing video games weekly. Although current gaming systems may help increase motors skills, there have been many problems associated with excessive video games. Its clear that this new wave of video games have a negative effect on the youth.

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argumentative essay about online games

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Another argument against videogames is that they are, well, games. How could something recreational be art? Well, are movies not a form of recreation? All of those are art. Art itself often does not have a purpose other than our own amusement.

Therefore, videogames cannot be excluded on the basis of being recreational. Yet, much like paper other forms of art, videogames can have a message, and can make us think. They are a form of expression and can hold unique and interesting opinions. Often they present futures we do not want, like homefront, and make us consider our actions now, make us think: "are we going down the right road politically?". Videogames meet all the criteria to be art farm and should be considered such.

Many times the game world is stunning, as you look across a beautifully designed landscape that seems absolutely massive, it gives the player a sense of awe. Another argument against videogames is that they lack story and are generic. This is not true, while there are many generic games that have little to no story many games have a deep intellectual story. Both of the modern Warfare games of the call of Duty series have interesting and emotional stories that at times make the player think, even though they are considered by many as mindless run-and-gun games. Some games that stand out for their stories are Dragon Age: Origins, mass Effect, and Mass Effect.

These games have stories with many characters and many factors at work. Every action the player makes has consequences and benefits that change the outcome of the game. At the same time the creators went in depth in making the game and the world feels significant. The players actually care about their choices more than just to get the "best" outcome and many get intrigued as to how the story could have gone differently. Like art it endows emotions to the user. Many points in the story involve moral choices that are never just black and white, and often, like art, present interesting perspectives on different scenarios.

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The background music often compliments the mood of the game. Soft low music is used at more emotional parts and fast paced exciting music at parts with action. The resume visuals and atmosphere add to the feel of the game itself. The open, empty atmosphere of Fallout 3 gives a feeling of a massive world with much to explore. The game itself was designed to give this feeling, with large open spaces between major locations littered with more minor locations, most of which have some story behind them and give the player reason to explore. At the same time the major locations are packed to the brim with places to explore and things to find. This gives the player the feeling that everything there has purpose, that there is a history behind the world they are in and gives incentive to explore. Games like red dead: Redemption have gigantic, beautiful landscapes that seem to span indefinitely, and the amount of detail the creators put into creating the world, and its many locations and storylines, is incredible.

argumentative essay about online games

Sad dramatic moments are dark and sometimes raining or gray, such as the final scenes from Mafia. Horror games are usually dark and objects are hard to make out until up close, such as in dead Space. All of these scenes also contain ambient noise or music, which adds to the conveyed emotions. Sound also plays a major role in games. Every noise from the footsteps of the character, the banging of machine gun fire, or the voices of the character, affect the game. The presentation developers take much time considering what they want the game to sound like. Do they want loud thumping footsteps that alert the player to approaching enemies? Do they want loud, slow paced, explosive sounding guns that give the player a sense of power? All the sounds have a purpose.

to be pleasing to the eye. For example, when creating an in game building, architecture is taken into account to make sure the building looks well designed. Even if they sometimes fail at this, they at least make an attempt. Like paintings, not all videogames look the same, some games are greatly detailed and realistic, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, while some are realistic yet fantastic such as Dragon Age: Origins. Some videogames have colorful playful graphics like many of the mario games or de blob. These visuals are designed to aid the atmosphere of a game. Videogames incorporate atmosphere in a similar way to movies. Happy or joy-filled moments are usually bright and warm looking, such as the scene from Homefront when the main character first goes into the resistance's base.

When talking about whether or not videogames require skill people generally look at the gamer, the person using the videogame. While playing videogames may or may not require skill, it does not mean they are not art. It is a mistake to look for skill in the gamer, as it would be like looking for the skill in one who is watching a movie, not in the actors or directors. A similar argument could be made against paintings, does it require skill to observe a painting and find it pleasing to the eye? The skill in art is found not in the one using or enjoying it, but in the one's producing. Just as it takes skill to paint, it takes skill to create a videogame. Videogames are a collaborative effort between many people of varying skills, everything in the videogame was conceived, designed, perfected, and added into the game. They have concept artists, graphics designers, directors, all working together to make certain the story, friendship visuals, music, and atmosphere come together to create an impressive game.

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Persuasive, essay on Video, games. 22:19:08, reply, i believe that videogames are in fact a form of art. Like many other forms of art, they are for recreation. They embrace complex stories and try to get an emotional reaction from the player nurse to create a unique, interesting, and emotional experience. Not all videogames succeed at this, just as not all movies or all paintings succeed. One of the main arguments against videogames is that they do not require skill. Many people believe that for something to be an art it must require a talent or skill that can be perfected and improved upon.

Argumentative essay about online games
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  2. Online typing test Typing games. I take no credit for the essay content of this game. All credit goes to Grace Rhys for her essay. Argumentative essay, if video games do increase violent tendencies outside the laboratory, the explosion of gaming over the past decade from.2 billion in sales in 1995 to 7 billion in 2003, according to industry figures, would suggest a parallel trend in youth violence.

  3. Games Essay 1337 Words 6 Pages. Video games began in the late 1960s. It is highly interactive but also a distinct simulation of the real world and the world of thinking.

  4. However, despite all the joy that video games can bring to children and teenagers. Gender stereotypes persuasive essay asked by Admin;. When its time to write an a argumentative essay, please feel free to check some helpful recommendations and examples online to do your best. The negative effects of Video.

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  6. They embrace complex stories and try to get. Assignment writing service new zealand. Argumentative essay about Online games i need help with my physical science homework college board essay prompts.

  7. Check out our top Free, essays on, argumentative essay to help you write your own. I believe that videogames are in fact a form of art. Like many other forms of art, they are for recreation.

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