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I wake up at 3am staring into the darkness, wondering if Ill have the skills, discipline, and inner resources to pull it off. Ive chosen to deal with my anxiety by tapping into the wisdom of the hive mind. I recently sent email to the authors in my social network and asked them, What do you wish youd known about the process of writing a book that you didnt know before you did it? Im delighted with the sheer range of practical advice that poured. . The writers in this group are as diverse as the volumes that line the shelves in my home office.  There are top science writers and journalists like carl Zimmer, jonah Lehrer, deborah Blum, paula Span, and david Shenk; prolific blogger geoff Manaugh of the endlessly fascinating bldgblog, which focuses on architecture and the future of urbanism; award-winning poet and essayist August Kleinzahler; a wise-beyond-his-years. A more diverse group of writers, talking about the nuts and bolts of their craft, would be hard to find anywhere on the web. A few things became clear as soon as their replies came.

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Theres a lot of new ground to cover. Ive signed a contract with a wonderful publisher — a penguin imprint called avery books — and a sharp and enthusiastic editor named Rachel Holtzman. One of the most thrilling moments of my life as a writer was walking into penguin headquarters in Manhattan and seeing classic jackets for Jack kerouacs novels like the Dharma bums framed on life the wall. It was reading the exhilarating, compassionate, and perennially fresh poetry and prose of Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, gary Snyder and their friends that made me frankenstein want to grow up to be a writer in the first place. Im not sentimental about old media. Nothing will ever replace the sublime feeling of sanctuary created by the printed page, but I treasure the books on my kindle too, particularly when Im reading at 30,000 feet. What I love is words — storytelling, the flow of well-wrought sentences, the gradual unfolding of a long and thoughtful tale, the private communion with an authors mind. But now comes the hard part. . Its one thing to work up a 4000-word magazine feature and another to sit down and write a 100,000-word book. Im acutely aware that ive been granted a precious opportunity to cast light on forgotten history and provide a platform for voices that are rarely heard. At the same time, im scared out of my wits that the two decades of journalism that have led up to this project have not prepared me to write a good book.

Now, after years of investigative reporting for, wired and other magazines, Im finally writing a book of my own. The subject of my book is autism, the resume variety of human cognitive styles, and the rise of the neurodiversity movement. The seed of the project was an article I wrote for. Wired in 2001 called, the geek syndrome about autism and Asperger syndrome in high-tech communities like silicon Valley. Im happy and humbled to say that it was an influential article, and I still get email about it from the families of kids on the spectrum and from autistic people themselves, though it was published more than a decade ago. The science of developmental disorders has made significant advances in recent years, and some of the social issues that I raised in the piece — such as the contributions that people with atypical cognitive styles have made to the progress of science, technology, and culture. At the same time, the wave of kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the 90s is now coming of age, and their heroically devoted families are facing fear and uncertainty about the future as crucial government-funded services and support provided to families of special-needs. Meanwhile, neurodiversity advocates are challenging narrow definitions of normal cognition, and autistic people — even those who are unable to employ spoken language — are using assistive technology like the ipad to express themselves.

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When the journalist calls, be sure to have a few more references in your pocket, that were not"d in the press release, so the journalist can do the own 'research come up with a distinct article, and not just reprint what every other journalist. Short is better than long. Pitching a story that isn't about you is a very good idea, so the journalist doesn't feel like a shill. Posted June 2, 2011 by, steve silberman in, asperger Syndrome, autism, books, buddhism, e-books, history, journalism, media, mindfulness, neurodiversity, poetry, science, science Writing, social networks, technology, writers. Steve silberman reading at the booksmith. Photo by heather Champ. My late father Donald, who taught Wordsworth and Melville to inner-city kids for decades, used to read. Ulysses to me while he carried me on his shoulders. Perhaps it was inevitable that I grew up to be a writer.

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Where's the story angle? There isn't one here. What could we have done instead? We should have turned this release into a story about how crowd-sourcing of anti-spam lists (maps rbl) was the new battle strategy against spammers and that the corporate world was starting to embrace that approach. That* would have made a good story!, think of a press release more as an elevator pitch.

Your first sentence needs to get their attention, or you're salient lost. The next few sentences are the meat, and need to sustain the attention. Flesh out the story idea, don't self-aggrandize. It's a press release, for god's sake, the reader knows your agenda. If they're still reading, you're home free, and you want to give them some"s that they can use in their own article.

What is your opinion? What problems should humanity solve first of all? Use the following plan: make an introduction (state the problem) express your personal opinion and give 23 reasons for your opinion express an opposing opinion and give 12 reasons for this opposing opinion explain why you dont agree with the opposing opinion make a conclusion. A pianist friend of mine wrote me today, asking: how do write press releases, john? I need to write one for the new album.

The label director showed me his draft, and it looks boring. Are there books about this? My friend suggested I pass the advice onto my blog, so here is what I wrote him: I haven't written one in years, but i used to be good at it, and then I relinquished it to my employees, who did a terrible job. Here is one i wrote, that is pretty good: prlyr1.pdf, the key item is "downloads of its applications for Linux have surpassed all other Unix-based versions combined" which was my angle to get into a "Linux is winning the Unix wars" story, which was starting. Also note that I give a lot of substance in paragraph two. I also am piggy backing on the "will Sun survive linux?" and "Oracle comes to linux" news that were hot topics at the time. This press release is mostly not about us, but could be part of someone else's story. Most releases tend to be filled with meaningless words, look at this one that my mba wrote: lyrpr2.pdf words like "announce" (duh) "leading" (leader?) "award winning" (sure) "utilize" (use?) just make you not read. The article continues with lots of chest pounding about how great we are.

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He also taught my brother how to never quit when things were not looking well, because despite the many difficulties my father encountered during his studies, dropping out was not an option. I was his dream to become a doctor but he is now proud of being one because that means he could take better care of us, his family. All in all, i still believe that there are father figures and not all hope is lost. I am certain that my brother, who has followed my fathers example and become a teacher, is going to put his family needs before his own and his children will most certainly have the same moral up-bringing he and I have had when we were. I feel lucky that we do not celebrate fathers day in Greece because i could never think of a proper present to give to a man who represents everything that a real father should. Thanks a lot in advance ps: i already know that "Father figure" is a bad choice since it doesn't mean an actual father, but i didn't know what else to say. Comment on the following statement: Its reported that billions of dollars are spent on space exploration projects every year. Some people believe that this money should be used to solve problems on Earth.

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honour student. However, he did not graduate until the age of nearly 40 because he was the one who sat home and raised his children, me and my brother while my mother had to go to work to financially support. We were brought up with the high importance of education and that we should live an honourable life without hiding away from the big world out there. Self-confidence was also one of the first things he passed on to us and I still live by his words of wisdom. Of course, being a parent should mean taking financial responsibility, feeding and clothing a child and teach them how to behave. Nevertheless, fatherhood goes beyond all that since my father was the one who helped form me into a decent human being. He always has a way of making a point without having to dictate or ground. For instance, whenever he advised me to do or not do something, he never ended up forbidding me to. I was made to learn from my mistakes and move.

Fathering a child is easy - being a father is not. Many people say that fathers no longer have a clear role letter in the family. They spend most of their time outside the home and never really get to know their children. Without models to follow, how can today's boys understand the concept of "being a father"? Are there no real fathers today? My letter, i am writing with regard to the article published on your magazine about how they fatherhood and how it has lost its meaning along the way. I would like to pose certain arguments which support that true fathers do exist in this day and age. I would like to describe one man who has show nothing but caring devotion to its family and should be a paradigm of a real father.

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I haven't written an essay for 4 months and usually my first one for the year kind off sucks. I'd be very grateful if you could have a look at it and correct my mistakes, suggest other ideas and help me reduce the word count cos it's supposed to be words and this one is 449. (normally i use 380, but never nearly 450, but like i said, first essay of the year, so i'm not in my best shape). I'm in the second class of proficiency. I'm going to take the cpe this year (may-june). Without further ado, here's story the instruction and then my letter. Task, you have read the text below which is an extract from a magazine article on the declining role in the family of fathers today. You decide to write a letter responding to the points raised and describing a person who, in you opinion, has been an ideal father. Text, a father is more than a male parent.

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One phone call can make a difference. Write a paper on one of these subject: A) Ottawa - the capital of Canada; B) Canada: nature and wildlife;. You decide to write a letter responding to the points raised and describing a person who, in you opinion, has been an ideal father.

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  2. See, most people who write online have audiences with the intelligence of a snail. With one person, we found a common background where we came from. Formula one - posted in Sports: Write anything f1 related on this page. Grand Theft Auto series.

  3. A pianist friend of mine wrote me today, asking: how do write press releases, john? I need to write one for the new album. The label director showed me his.

  4. I hope the advice here inspires the creation of many great books, not only the one, i hope to write. This doesnt mean you take every suggestion or write the book by committee. Comment on the following statement: Some people think that you can have only one true friend.

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