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best football autobiographies

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He hung himself this morning. United in grief: Clubs across Britain mourned Gary Speed. You dont get prepared for that. My mind was racing. 'how the f* has he done that? Why has he done it? Everything was going so well.

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Hes alive, i thought. Thank f* for that. A dead mans phone can ring, too. She told me it was true. I couldnt comprehend. Speedo was my idol in football. He was everything I tried to become. The tears started to fall. I got off the coach at Melwood and beliefs was told Kenny dalglish wanted to see me in his office. Look, mate, kenny said, i dont know what to say or how to say it but I have been told Speedo committed suicide.

I dont believe it, i said. Tears for Speedo: Bellamy and Wales pay tribute to their late boss (Image: Getty). I got on the coach at Anfield to go to melwood. I went to the back and rang a lady called suzanne, who worked as a pa for me and Speedo. I asked her if she had heard anything. No, nothing, she said. I asked her to find out. I was starting to freak out. I rang Speedos phone then.

best football autobiographies

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I got in my car to drive to Anfield. That was the routine on the day of a home match: drive to the ground, hop on the coach to melwood, do all the pre-match stuff there. Then my adviser called. He was ringing with the same news. I still didnt believe. I rang Shay given. Its true, mate, shay said.

At the end of the month, liverpool had a big game against Manchester City at Anfield. When I got up that Sunday morning, i looked at my phone and had several missed calls. Two were from kieron dyer and one was from my adviser. When kieron rang for the third or fourth time, i answered. Have you heard about Speedo? Shay givens rung our agent to say speedos committed suicide, f* off, i said. Ive heard hes hung himself, kieron said. F* no chance, i said again. You know what Twitter and the internet are like.

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best football autobiographies

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Throughout my career, i looked ben up to him and i always took it as a great compliment he, in turn, looked out for me and valued me as a player. Long before he died, at 42, he had become one of my best friends. He was a mentor to me, someone whose advice i sought, someone i listened. I was a little in awe of him, too, and I certainly knew not to cross him. I knew he rarely lost his temper, but if he did, it was best to make sure you were nowhere in his vicinity. And i knew, above all, that he doted on his sons Ed and Tommy.

I was delighted when he took the wales job in December 2010 and, by the summer of 2011, there was a real feeling he had started to turn things around. We played Norway in a friendly in Cardiff at the beginning of the november. I had a coffee with him at the St davids Hotel and I noticed he had a bit of a beard, which was unusual for him. His quietness during that week disconcerted me a little bit, but I put it down to the fact he was becoming a manager. I thought maybe it was just that he was putting a bit of distance between himself and the players. Everything was evolving fast. We battered Norway 4-1 and I had a quick chat and a bit of a laugh with him after the game and then I headed off.

Indeed there is probably more fiction in autobiography than there is autobiography in fiction. In four volumes of autobiography and three books of journals he distilled much of the flavour of each decade of a remarkable century. It is part autobiography, part history, part psychological investigation of the Scottish character. The details, he says, are pretty much straight autobiography, the sentiments also. If all fiction is autobiography, then we must suggest that perhaps all autobiography is fiction.

Like a boss: Gary Speed was the man Bellamy hoped to be (Image: Allsport). Craig Bellamys autobiography, goodFella, lays bare his emotions over the shocking death of Gary Speed, a team-mate with Newcastle and Wales and later his manager at international level. In november 2011, just days after his Wales team had beaten Norway 4-1 in fine style, speed's body was found at his Cheshire home. Bellamy, who scored in that victory over Norway, and his liverpool side were playing later that day. Gary Speed was a leader. He was probably the person i admired most and someone i tried to emulate.

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I'm always reluctant to do so because i don't want this blog to turn into autobiography by other means. It went right across the board - from literary fiction to celebrity autobiography. I'm of another party, the one that says all autobiography is fiction. The blues sounded taxi like autobiography, paper like ordinary people telling the story of their lives. Although he claims that his films should not be read as autobiography, he is a past master at transforming his life into art. He then adds in elements of autobiography, fragments of myth and history and a dose of magic realism. The relation between autobiography and your writing is a complicated one. This is autobiography, and since when have we been worried about autobiography being indulgent?

best football autobiographies

The author also suffers from the fact that two of his dissertation subjects have written terrific autobiographies. But, there are far more poorly written biographies and autobiographies by generals than there are good ones. On a related note has any one read his autobiography? Superstar autobiographies usually have a few wild statements. Memoirs, life story, account of one's life, personal history. View synonyms.1mass noun Autobiographies considered as a literary genre. The book is a curious mixture of autobiography and fantasy. Her art combines romantic autobiography and detached conceptualism. It is a unique record that pushes at the boundaries of autobiography and fiction.

autobiographies. I was 14 when my English teacher set us the task of writing our autobiographies and, wishing to be as precise as possible, i asked my mother for my birth certificate. There is an unusual emphasis on ghosts in herautobiography. He wrote two autobiographies and many novels loosely based on his family's history and yet he remained, it seems, a private man. Celebrity autobiographies are very tricky things indeed. Both artists are skilled storytellers, able to use a few deftly chosen images to render snapshots of their own autobiographies. One of my guilty pleasures is reading military autobiographies.

He gives a vivid description of his childhood in his autobiography. Unlike other scholars, he has chosen to give equal weight to works of fiction as well as diaries, memoirs and autobiographies. In a surprisingly candid autobiography, he reveals how his upbringing shaped his writing. By stressing their autobiographies more than their music, they may lose fans who simply want a good short record, not a memoir. People in their twenties should have better things to be doing than writing autobiographies. The first thing she tells the reader is that she is not unique, which is a relief - most people write autobiographies to persuade us that they are. And members of the winning team will each receive a signed copy of his new autobiography. Let's just say that by 30, i want to have had an international best-selling autobiography. Many collections of working class autobiographies have been published and include several written by women.

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View all, the comments below have not been moderated. View all, we are no longer accepting comments on this article. Bsmc, blood, Sweat and McAteer (Paperback jason McAteer.99, rRP.99, save.00save., the fighting McAteers: that's how the McAteer family of title-winning boxers were known throughout Birkenhead, across the mersey from liverpool. But for eleven-year-old Jason McAteer, growing up in the shadow of liverpool fc, football became the dream. After signing with Bolton Wanderers at the age of twenty-one, the call to the international scene followed with the republic of Ireland and, soon after, to his vertebrae beloved liverpool. The dream had become a reality. From his time with the Irish World Cup squad of 1994 to those tumultuous days in saipan in 2002; on through his decision to leave liverpool for Blackburn rovers; his move to sunderland, and the depression he fell into after finishing his professional career with. This is the real Jason McAteer: a little bit bruised, a little bit battered. British world English autobiography autobiography noun 1An account of a person's life written by that person.

Best football autobiographies
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Browse our range of sports and adventure autobiographies and biographies and discover more about your. A life in, football :. Every autobiography is different, but here are the common parts many autobiographies include.

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  2. Ferguson, however, has accused Hargreaves in his autobiography on tuesday of not having 'nearly enough. Is this the most stunning football pitch in the. Craig Bellamys autobiography, goodFella, lays bare his emotions over the shocking death.

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  4. Former President Barack Obamas autobiography entails about his early struggles with racism and his previous relationship experiences between his. The standard blueprint for footballers' autobiographies involves repeating how much they love the fans and. Best in the new wave of 'literary' football. Intelligent, surprising, and head and shoulders above its competition - the autobiography of Chris Judd is the football book of the decade.

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