Studying abroad essay advantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of, studying Abroad Essay, ielts

studying abroad essay advantages

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The appraisal talk gives a constructive feedback on what was wrong and enhances employee to think how to improve their performance in future. Appraisal talks help employees to use their skills more effectively and to be more committed to their work (Kirkby, 2002). Special job assignmentsã Special job assignment can imply for (1) âresearching a problem or issue; (2) developing a solution or recommendation for dealing with special problem or issue; (3) assuming responsibility for the project' (Rothwell. Special job assignments are structured and planned by an organization superior, and helps an employee to build own competencies and responsibility. These assignments prepare employees for getting more broad and high responsibilities. The leaders in China need to transform themselves in order to help the organizations to become what they need to be in future, not just sustain current success. The transformational development of Chinese manager towards the new competencies required, can be stimulated by giving them special new tasks are in new environment.

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The coach's job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has.'The coaching aims to empower people to create and help them to discover their potential abilities and talents, instead of dissertation focusing on what they can't. Coachers believe that in this way the overall mental health and quality of personal and professional life are improved dramatically. Wright believes that coaching is a powerful strategy for the 21st century workplace, as the determinant of the successful company would be their clear sense of individual values of all employees in the company and the alignment of these goals with the values of the. The success of coaching processes is heavily dependent on the trustful relationships between coacher and employees. Thus, while using coaching methods, western employer needs to realize that Chinese employees are more trustful to Chinese managers, than overseas. Thus, local coachers and managers need to be educated and include coaching into the talent development strategies (Wright, Philip; szeto,. F.; Cheng, louis. W, 2002) Appraisal talks can be considered like a separate tool for employee development as well as like a part of coaching method. Appraisal dialogue or performance appraisal interview implies to strategic interviews between the employee of senior position in the organization and his subordinate that focus on employee development and performance (Asmuss., 2008). According to woodland, the following learning skills are important especially for China: learning to ask questions, becoming self-correcting, and getting and giving feedbacks (Woodland, 2007). The appraisal dialogue can improve these skills rapidly.

Informal mentoring is supposed to be more effective, because the role of working mentor can vary in number and specificity, in the same time being less effective for organization's specific goals (Rothwell, jakson, Knight, lindholm, 2005). With respect to mentoring in Chinese environment, we would like to emphasize the fact that Confucian philosophy gives mentoring an important role in social relationships in China. As Confucius theory claims that the relationships should be mutual and obligatory between senior and junior member of group, in which senior person have to provide the advice and Wenzhu cai and Ulyana Klyushina 28 consideration. So mentoring is more often met in Chinese culture than in any western (Int. Of Human Resource management, 2006).2. According the International coach Federation, âprofessional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coachers help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their life. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful.

studying abroad essay advantages

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Some specialists claim these nurse terms imply for the same issue, but most of sources represent the difference. It is not that easy to distinguish the coaching from mentoring by definition, but in practice these differences are more recognizable (Wright, 2005). In hr writing management journal is claimed that mentor transfers his knowledge and skills to protégé, while coacher helps the client to achieve objectives without directing.1. Mentoring Mentoring refers to intensive developmental relationship between the mentor - the one who implements mentoring, and the protégé -the one who receives direct benefits from mentoring processes. These relationships allow protégés to get guidance in âdeveloping skills, networks, and organizational savvy necessary to survey in turbulent times' (Restifo, v yoder,., 2004). Mentoring can be formal and informal. The formal mentoring is organized by the company, which want to develop certain capabilities and skills. The informal mentoring can evolve spontaneously and is not regulated by the organization (omas and.

Talent development tools in China As for mnc established in China, the main problem is shortage of qualified and multi-skilled workforce with understanding of multinational business environment, âthus foreign enterprises must take the time to understand what it takes to make employees more productive, more. Zhang and rter, 2009). Not only mncs have high requirements for their employees, but also employees are waiting from their managers to be well -awarded and get the opportunities to learn and develop. The following âtypical development strategies' can be used for narrowing gaps between the current competencies of employee and desirable in future: Wenzhu cai and Ulyana Klyushina. Coaching, special job assignments, action learning, job rotation. University -based programs (Rothwell,. J.,2001) Further we will consider all these tools in Chinese environment. Mentoring and coaching in China The effective mentoring and coaching can be a proper solution for retention of current employees and the growing of new-comers to productive managers (HR focus, 2001).

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studying abroad essay advantages

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Teamwork relationship, leadership behavior, training development, career opportunities, company culture. Work environment, communication, in terms of human resource factors influencing retention, person-organization fit is considered is a good predictor of intention to staying. It emphasizes match between people's value and the wenzhu cai and Ulyana Klyushina 26 value of the organization, because value are conceived of as fundamental and relatively enduring (Kristof, 1996 and Van vianen, 2000). Besides, employees need to be stimulated with training, development and career opportunities for writing personal growth and self-actualization unless they will have greater intentions to leave the organization. On the other hand, organizational factors largely influence talent retention. Admittedly leadership behavior has positive influence on retention. It seems that âpeople do not leave their company but leave their bosses (Conrey, 2007, P102).

Retention tools business like culture, communication and teamwork relationships are able to suffice employees' needs for affiliation. In the Chinese case, the leadership behavior is one of most important tools to motivate employees to keep in the organizations. Leadership styles and skill levels in China are very much a reflection of Chinese culture itself; thus, culture might have implications for how leaders will fare in a fast-growing business environment (Bernthal, bondra and Wang, 2008). These studies above are just a few examples regarding the appropriateness of these retention tools when applied in the Chinese context. When these retention tools are applied to Chinese workers, foreign firms have to rank all the tools in order of importance, and then focus on several areas for motivation and retention talent (Vaiman and Vance, 2008). The approaches to talent development in Chinese context One of the solutions for the filling gap of talent shortage in China can be talent development, made by mnc operating in Chinese market (T.Woodland, 2007). Further we would observe the approaches to talent development and the waysto apply them to Chinese employees.

Maslow's âhierarchy of needs' argues the physiological needs have to be satisfied before concerning with the higher order needs. This theory can explain why there are still a lot of people believe that money is the best reward. Facility is another extrinsic motivation. Maslow also addresses the responsibility of employers to provide a workplace environment that encourages and enables employees to fulfill their unique potential (Vaiman and Vance, 2008). Wenzhu cai and Ulyana Klyushina. Intrinsic incentive is an indispensible retention tool to satisfy employees' higher order of needs, such as the needs for achievement, affiliation and power (McClelland, 1962).

Current employees like challenges and opportunity for development, work in a great company with great leaders and involve an open, trusting and performance-oriented culture (Angelis, 2004). Also janet Chew (2004) categories the retention tools into hr (human resource) factors and organizational factors (see figure 3). Performance-related payment, stock options, retirement provisions, facilities. Training development, career opportunities, work-life balance, mentoring. Job tailoring, job rotation, corporate culture, employer Branding. Feedback supervise, retention tools, intrinsic incentive, extrinsic incentives, figure. Organizational factors, hR factors, person organizational fit, remuneration.

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As for the expression of initiatives, the employer prefers to agree with the senior manager, in order to prevent himself or Wenzhu cai and Ulyana Klyushina 24 this manager to lose âface' and and to save harmonic relationships. On the other hand, âface' is also considered as an informal sanction mechanism or custom (Jansson, johanson and Ramström, 2007).The Chinese culture is also characterized by harmonization of contrasts, namely middle way. Harmonious cooperation, willing to compromise, not contest, is typical of Chinese (Zinzius, 2004). Interpersonal relationships (Guanxi) are still important in the informal Chinese social networks, based on individual trustworthiness. 3.2.2 Talent Retention tools Only through appropriate tools companies can apply basic motivation theories to strategies about talent true retention. Vaiman and Vance (2008) define two classifications of retention tool to suffice employees' expectation: extrinsic and intrinsic incentives (see figure 2). Extrinsic incentives includes different sorts of monetary rewards which can satisfy employees' physiological needs, while intrinsic incentives refer to non-monetary rewards that can fulfill employees' psychological needs. The monetary reward is admitted as an essential tool to retaining talent (Vaiman and Vance, 2008).

studying abroad essay advantages

Cultural model and Chinese cultural messages As observed above, child (1994 henley (1990) and nevis (1983) indicate basic motivation theories have limitations when they are applied in Chinese work organizations because they are based on Western values. To overcome theses inappropriateness, d'andrade and Strauss develop a cognitive anthropological approach and claims that motivation depends on cultural messages and is realized in social interaction. It is argued that cultural models can have motivational force because these models not only label and describe the world but also set forth goals (both conscious and unconscious) and elicit or include desires (D'Andrade, 1990; Strauss, 1992). Hong (2000) reckons cultural model as the most useful theory applied in the Chinese context. China is one of the unique countries managed to save its traditional core values along four thousands years of history, in spite of hundreds ethnic groups have existed within the country, among them Confucianism and daoism are most famous and far-reaching. A major characteristic of relationships within the social network is âface' behavior, which is the major expression of the shame culture. In the shame culture, essay everyone keep âface and this means that values such as dignity, self-respect, and prestige are central factors in a relationships.

may feel guilt or shame. The person who gets too little may feel angry or humiliated (Adams, 1965). Theory x and y douglas McGregor's Theory x and Theory y represent two very different attitudes towards workforce motivation and figures out that companies followed either one or the other approach. In theory x, which many managers practice, management assumes employees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can. Workers need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of controls developed. In theory y, management assumes employees may be ambitious and self-motivated and exercise self-control. They believe that, given the right conditions, most people will want to do well at work (McGregor, 1960). A cross-cultural comparison of managerial styles shows that Theory x is more applicable in a chinese context, whereas Theory y in the west (Evans, hau, sculli, 1989).

Existence-relatedness-Growth (ERG) by contrast, Alderfer's âExistence-relatedness-Growth' (ERG) argues that people can have more than one level of needs at any given time and there is no orderly progression through level of needs. Employees can pursue personal development while existence and relatedness have not been fully satisfied. It means that companies are able to motivate workers on multiple areas in the same resume time. It is acknowledged that workers can remain on one level of needs: when they feel dissatisfied with the higher order of needs, they can return to the lower one (Alderfer, 1972). Acquired needs Theory In david McClelland's âAcquired needs Theory individual's higher order needs are divided into three categories: achievement, affiliation, or power. He argues that people are not born with, but acquire these three reasons for working. Application of these three factors in talent management is able to help companies effectively motivate employees across different kinds of boundaries, both geographical and cultural (McClelland, 1962). Adam's âEquity Theory' asserted that employees seek to maintain equity between the inputs that they bring to a job and the outcomes that they receive from it against the perceived inputs and Wenzhu cai and Ulyana Klyushina 23 outcomes of others.

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Print, reference this, published: 23rd red March, 2015. Hierarchy of needs One of the more recognizable motivation theories in the western world is Abraham Maslow's âhierarchy of needs'. It is depicted as a pyramid consisting of five levels, which signifies needs are predetermined in order of importance. While after the satisfaction of the basic needs in lower level, people are seeking physiological needs, they need to feel safety, need to be loved, to be respected and they want to achieve some sort of reputations or social class. The theory argues that employees must be fully satisfied by lower-level needs before they can move to high-order ones (Maslow, 1954). However, this theory has its limitations when they are applied to Chinese work organizations because it is quite America-dominated. Maslow's motivational theory has been criticized as reflecting a particular individualist view of the world with the âself-actualization' being at the top of the need hierarchy. It is proposed that there exists a fundamental difference between Maslow's classic formulation of Western culture's hierarchy of needs and a chinese hierarchy of needs based on Eastern culture (Hong, 2000). For example, chinese employees put the family issues on the quite high positions of their life while western firms always ignore this cultural message in the Chinese market (Jansson, 2007).

Studying abroad essay advantages
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